Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Be@rbrick (International Love Heart) Be@rbrick 70% now available at Secret Fresh

International Love Heart by Alexander Girard Be@rbrick was released in 100%, 200%, 400% and 1000%. Now here comes the 70% Birthday Be@rbrick for International Love Heart. Now available at Secret Fresh. 
Php 550

Marvel Comics First Look: Herc #1

You can't keep a good god down -- and Hercules is back! Check out this Marvel Comics first look at "Herc" #1 -- written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, with pencils by Neil Edwards and a cover by Filipino artist Carlo Pagulayan -- and then read on for details about this action-filled comic book hitting stands in April!
Artist Jason Paz did the inks
 "Here's the latest Marvel Comics Herc #1, released last April 06, 2011. Artist Carlo Pagulayan drew the cover in pencils, I did the inks and kindly asked him if I could add in some Pinoy Easter Eggs in the background/alley. He said okay. I added 'We Legendary' on the lower right corner of the cover. 'NTPI' on the left side wall and 'Ronac Art Center' slightly above WeL. Waited about a week fingers crossed until the lineart gets through Marvel editorial. Got an approval and then colored and here's the published cover trade dress:"

 Check out the cover! Ronac Art Center is featured there on the bottom right! 
Official Press Release:
Your First Look at HERC #1
Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Herc #1, from New York Times Best Selling writers Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente and artist Neil Edwards! It’s an explosive opener taking place during the carnage of Fear Itself! Hercules has a new mission and a new code: take out the worst of the worst still walking the streets of the Marvel Universe…and always bring the big guns! But who’s first up on Herc’s hit list? And just what mythological weapons has he secreted away from the Ares’ personal arsenal to enact his revenge? Place your bets because it’s the world’s most seasoned warrior versus every member of Marvel’s criminal underground this April, only in Herc #1!
HERC #1 (FEB110581)
Variant Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.
Rated T+…$3.99
FOC – 3/14/11, On-Sale 4/6/11

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mauro JC and Zomb the Blind Oracle 2 pack

The Mauro JC and Zomb the Blind Oracle 2 pack is a special release two-pack
This two-pack includes:
Mauro JC 
Blind Oracle Zomb
Php 12,000

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Drops at Secret Fresh!

Ron English x Made By Monsters

Barney Grin 
Barney is the next re-appropriation of his series, in collaboration with Made By Monsters. Barney measures at 10″ tall

Php 6,750

Ron English x Made by Monsters Telegrinnies

Php 8,500

Ollie the Twitterrific Bird!

Ollie is an adorable little bluebird that loves to chat about what's going on", reads the description in the online shop.
Ollie is available in two permutations - a vinyl figure (with a "soft yet sturdy" feel) and as a flocked vinyl figure (with a "soft velvet" feel).
Both versions measure approximately 10cm, or 4 inches tall

Php 1,690

Freak Family Sataniki(Red) & Saiko

New Urban Vinyls made in Mexico - design by Von Murr (Maurycy Gomulicki)
They came from nowhere and they are hot like hell!
SATANIKI - He is horny but... his heart is big too!
9" tall.

Freak Family includes two figures made in Mexico – Sataniki (horns) and his female counterpart, Saiko.  For this first edition, each character will be available in two colorways (red and black – 50 pcs each)

Php 3,500

Treeson and Other Stories Series 2

This item is blindbox assortment. Each blindbox consists of one random figure as depicted on the box.  Each display case now comes with seven announced figures as shown on the packaging plus one random duplicate; however, if you're really lucky, you will get the mystery figure (instead of duplicate) which is as rare as 1/128!  We couldn't think of any reason not to get a case

Php 500

Ron English “Figment (Andy Warhol)”

Edition of 100
Each measures a whopping 13" tall, 10" deep, and 9" across.

Php 12,500

Friday, April 15, 2011



Php 7,800

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Technogel Sleeping - Available at Secret Fresh

After long research and in-depth study, Technogel®, the material that has revolutionized comfort in all the main sectors that influence a person’s wellbeing, has also proved to be an excellent support for improving the quality of one’s sleep.
With its exclusive characteristics, it has become the new point of reference in rest, easily surpassing all other solutions hitherto adopted.

Technogel® is the best support to allow a deep, uninterrupted and truly restful sleep. That is why Technogel® has been chosen by mattress manufacturers who are committed to innovation and to caring for the wellbeing and health of their consumers. 

Php 9,000.00 

Technogel Classic


  • 100% Cotton cover
  • Recommended for those who prefer low height pillows. Suggested for those who sleep mainly on their back or who have medium to small body conformation.


    • 66x40x11 cm (Standard)

      Technogel Contour


      • 100% Cotton cover.
      • Recommended for those suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain. Suggested for those who sleep primarily on their back and prefer not to have any push-back on the shoulder.


        • 66x42x11 cm (Standard)nsions

          Technogel Anatomic


          • 100% Cotton cover
          • Recommended for those suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain. It provides excellent support and muscle relaxation. Suggested for those who sleep primarily on their sides or on their back.


            • 66x42x11 cm (Standard)
            • 83x42x11 cm (King Size)

Friday, April 8, 2011

NBA Figures by MINDSTYLE Launching April 16 3PM!

 Php 850 each figure 

Php 12,750 for 1 case - case buyers get free Kobe wonderCon edition

Doraemon Toys Now Available at Secret Fresh!

get them now :) 

PHP 2,500 each


8" tall and each come in a laser engraved museum style crate. It's massive!
27,000PHP EACH.
theyre twins:) edition of two, both the same. here is the front and back pics!! enjoy:!!!!!



Monday, April 4, 2011

Zikmu Software Update

Zikmu Software Update : To all our Stark Speaker Customers, Zikmu has a new software update which you can find here

go to Updating the Zikmu software
then you can watch the tutorial first before downloading the new software.
process depends if your using mac or pc

King Ken Mini II Now Available at Secret Fresh!

Amos have once again joined with US toy company Strangeco to produce their second licensed plastic figures. King Ken Mini Series 2 contains five different King Ken colorways plus a special 1 in 24 chaser.

Now Available at Secret Fresh
Php 460 each 

• Figure size: 9cm height 
• Each figure comes blind boxed.
• Detail Images represent colour variations only.
• An individual colourway cannot be selected.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Huck Gee's 8-inch Skullhead Dunny - SOLD OUT

Huck’s freshest 8-inch Dunny is crafted with exquisite detail – tight red and white vertical stripes and intricate paints. His massive cranium features embedded crossbones, and with his articulated head, arms, and removable wings, this Skullhead is primed for lethal action.
Limited to only 650 pieces, look for the Skullhead Dunny Now Available at Secret Fresh for Php4,750 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kaws Milo Now Available at Secret Fresh!

The Kaws Milo Toy is the latest collaboration between Kaws and A Bathing Ape. The figure features the popular Bape character Milo with Kaws’ trademark features of “x” eyes and unusually shaped ears. One half of this designer plaything shows off the anatomy of the strange creature in a similar fashion to Jason Freeny’s anatomical cartoon sculptures.
The Kaws Milo Toy is part of Kaws’ Spring 2011 collection.

Now Available at Secret Fresh Set of 3 for Php 42,750