Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Drops at Secret Fresh!

Ron English x Made By Monsters

Barney Grin 
Barney is the next re-appropriation of his series, in collaboration with Made By Monsters. Barney measures at 10″ tall

Php 6,750

Ron English x Made by Monsters Telegrinnies

Php 8,500

Ollie the Twitterrific Bird!

Ollie is an adorable little bluebird that loves to chat about what's going on", reads the description in the online shop.
Ollie is available in two permutations - a vinyl figure (with a "soft yet sturdy" feel) and as a flocked vinyl figure (with a "soft velvet" feel).
Both versions measure approximately 10cm, or 4 inches tall

Php 1,690

Freak Family Sataniki(Red) & Saiko

New Urban Vinyls made in Mexico - design by Von Murr (Maurycy Gomulicki)
They came from nowhere and they are hot like hell!
SATANIKI - He is horny but... his heart is big too!
9" tall.

Freak Family includes two figures made in Mexico – Sataniki (horns) and his female counterpart, Saiko.  For this first edition, each character will be available in two colorways (red and black – 50 pcs each)

Php 3,500

Treeson and Other Stories Series 2

This item is blindbox assortment. Each blindbox consists of one random figure as depicted on the box.  Each display case now comes with seven announced figures as shown on the packaging plus one random duplicate; however, if you're really lucky, you will get the mystery figure (instead of duplicate) which is as rare as 1/128!  We couldn't think of any reason not to get a case

Php 500

Ron English “Figment (Andy Warhol)”

Edition of 100
Each measures a whopping 13" tall, 10" deep, and 9" across.

Php 12,500

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