Thursday, June 30, 2011

Limited custom Calaverita by Beast Brothers

Limited to 30pcs.
6 colors. 5pcs each color.
Php 3,500.

Available only at Secret Fresh! :)
all will be customized by Carlos East himself... with wonderful colors....also comes with a certificate

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amanda Visell's Topsy Turvy Croc

Official release of toy is on July 1st 2011
Limited to only 75 pieces 
All wood
Currently Amanda's biggest toy
17 inches

International orders of the toys are on a first come first serve basis 
and orders should be made directly to our email which is with the subject title as "topsy turvy croc"
*please include your mailing address when ordering 
confirmation email will be sent 
payments will be made through paypal 
all mail will be sent via Registered Parcel 

Local buyers can buy directly at Secret Fresh. 

All Topsy Turvy Crocs will be signed by Amanda Visell and comes with the box and a signed certificate as well :) 

USA 120usd
EUROPE 110usd
CANADA 120usd
ASIA 80usd


Dunny Series 2011 has arrived at Secret Fresh!

480 php each

Featuring 18 designs from 15 inspired artists, 2011's curation is killer - thanks to styles by KR vets Aya Kakeda, Chuckboy, Huck Gee, Kronk, MAD, Dirty Donny, Mister Frames and Mishka, and debuting designs by deserved artists and customizers such as Squink!, 64 Colors, DrilOne, Elphonso Lam, Le Merde, Travis Lampe and Betso, 2010's MUNNY MUNTH winner. Whatever your Dunny bent, Series 2011's got you covered.
Each 3-inch vinyl figure comes blind boxed, with a trading card, and a little somethin' extra.

Secret Fresh Presents: Amanda Visell and Beast Brothers Toy Launch

International release of collectible art toys by Amanda Visell and Beast Brothers July 1, 2011 Friday 5PM
Lecture Demo by Amanda Visell and Carlos East
July 2, 2011 Saturday 4PM

Secret Fresh is proud to be the host of the much awaited international release of collectible art toys exclusively produced by Amanda Visell and Carlos East with Secret Fresh. To be launched this 1st of July Friday at 5 PM at Secret Fresh, the toys, namely Topsy Turvy Croc by Amanda Visell and Calaverita by Carlos East, are limited to 75 pieces only. International orders for the art toys are to be made on a first come first served basis via email

Amanda Visell is an LA-based artist who pursued a career in traditional animation eventually finding her way to stop motion animation as a designer and sculptor, working on stylized projects for shows like The Simpsons and the feature film Elf. The challenge of mastering new tools and techniques in this medium taught her to be able to visualize her own style. She has been exhibiting her paintings and sculptures internationally since 2005 including Disneyland USA and has created a thriving world of characters as designer toys. She is half of Switcheroo, a design jamboree she runs with Michelle Valigura.

Carlos East is the other half the award-winning toy designer and customizer The Beast Brothers. Through the years, this royal pair has used their mighty twin powers to create memorable works for Kidrobot, Nike, Reebok, Bacardi, and Vans. Carlos and Ernesto bEast continue to make paintings, illustrations, and sculptures in secret jungle laboratories located in Mexico City, Miami, and New York.

Both Amanda Visell and Carlos East have designed toys for Kidrobot, a producer and retailer of international artist-made toys and which Secret Fresh is a primary distributor of its merchandise in Manila.

Amanda Visell and Carlos East will be here in Manila for the launch of their toys as they will also be holding a talk on July 2 Saturday at 4PM.

Amanda Visell’s talk will be about the inspiration behind her unique style and character design, aside from being her own toy production company and all the aspects involved in being your own company. She will present some of her custom creations that she has created by hand through the year.

While Carlos East will talk about his experience from child actor to toy customizer. He will share his stories of how he started doing his own toys in his bedroom and ended up making toys with some of the biggest names in the business. In addition to production toys, Carlos will also walk you through some of his customs that he has made through the years, going in detail on how he creates the masterpieces.

The launch and the talk will be highlighted by artists signing and toy customizing for talk attendees.
The talk is limited to 30 slots.

Reservations for the talk and further queries can be made by email thru or by calling Secret Fresh at 570-9815 local 7 or send an SMS to 09175171188 (Elaine). Updates can also be tracked through Secret Fresh on Facebook,

Secret Fresh is at G/F of Ronac Art Center, Ortigas Avenue, North Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila.

Secret Fresh is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 2-10 PM and Sundays at from 1 – 6 PM.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Color Bringer, Bjorn Calleja's Solo Exhibit and Toy Launch Opening Night

June 26, 2011 6PM at Secret Fresh Gallery, Ronac Art Center
More photos from Munsy Man and here