Sunday, June 19, 2011

Amanda Visell's Topsy Turvy Croc

Official release of toy is on July 1st 2011
Limited to only 75 pieces 
All wood
Currently Amanda's biggest toy
17 inches

International orders of the toys are on a first come first serve basis 
and orders should be made directly to our email which is with the subject title as "topsy turvy croc"
*please include your mailing address when ordering 
confirmation email will be sent 
payments will be made through paypal 
all mail will be sent via Registered Parcel 

Local buyers can buy directly at Secret Fresh. 

here is a first look at Topsy Turvy Croc


john said...

how much?

jackiemillonado said...


qweeka said...

Ooh! I wanna one!!! I betcha I'm too late DADGUMMIT!