Thursday, August 25, 2011

A look at Secret Fresh's Manilart Exclusive Toys

Bochog Manster by Nemo Aguila

only 3 pieces made for Manilart 

Mr. Brainfreeze by Whooop

Only 1 piece made for Manilart

JP Cuison's Rizalborg 

Only 6 colors available 

Christian Tamondong's Boxboy Skrull

Only 20 pieces made for Manilart 

Bjorn Calleja's Mono Color Bringer 


Anonymous said...


Just wondering if the Boxboy Skrull is still available for purchase and if you consider shipping to the US?

A million thanks!!!!!

jackiemillonado said...


Sorry Boxboy Skrull is already sold out

molaro said...

Do you still have the Vomit Boy by Jj Zamoranos? I didn't see him on the site.

jackiemillonado said...

Vomit Boy will be officially released on September 4

Anonymous said...

is the rizalborg still available?