Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SWATCH X KIDROBOT Launching Sept. 17 6PM at Secret Fresh!!!

Joe Ledbetter


 Gary Baseman 


 Frank Kozik

Tara McPherson 




Dexter said...

Is this invitational only? Is there a waiting list for these watches? How much for the F. Kozik? Let me know. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi if u are open for invitations. i want to attend and feature this on my blog ..this is my blog url :, email:
contactm nos:09064612437

hope 2 hear from u guys thanx !

jackiemillonado said...

Hi Dexter and Lakwatsera Mom,

this event is open to the public :) you are very much welcome to feature this on your blog.

reservations are now being accepted just call Secret Fresh Tel +63(2) 570 9815 local 7
F. Kozik special edition is 5,500 the regular watches are 3,500 each.

hope to see you at the launch!